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カナダ長期留学 谷本さん 3月レポート

現在、カナダ・ブリティッシュ・コロンビア州のSurrey Christian Schoolに長期留学中の谷本さん(高1)の3月レポートとなります。イベント盛り沢山のひと月でしたが、その中でもボランティア活動は大変貴重な経験となったようです。

「New Greeting」

 This month, I had a lot of fun and had the chance to meet many people. During the last week of February, I visited the Richmond mall with my host family. We decided to have hot pot, which turned out to be delicious. However, what surprised me was finding frog on the menu at the restaurant. I just looked at it on the menu, but didn’t have the courage to try it. After our satisfying hot pot meal, we continued our outing by going shopping at the mall. While there, my host sisters and I rode on the stuffy riders. It had been a long time since I last rode one, so I felt quite happy about it. We laughed and enjoyed ourselves together.

 On another day, I participated in youth volunteering with my host sister and a friend. Our task was to deliver food to homeless people. Although I thought I could try talking with them, I didn’t have the chance. Instead, someone told us to go to the storehouse where we worked hard. Our main job was organizing the shelves. Interestingly, there were many cans of juice, some of which were damaged. We sorted them out and arranged everything neatly. After our volunteering session, we went to McDonald’s. Although I couldn’t communicate much with the others, I had a good experience working hard alongside my fellow volunteers.

 During this time, my Japanese friend stayed at our house for a few days because her host family was away on a trip. We had a great time together. Additionally, Canada experienced snowfall, so we went outside to enjoy it. On another snowy day, a rabbit unexpectedly appeared at our house. Initially, I thought it was a stone, but looking closer, I realized it was a bunny. Seeing the wild rabbit brought me joy.

 In early March, a group of Japanese students arrived at Surrey Christian School for a two-week visit. They came from Okayama. Initially, I found it difficult to approach them. For some reason, I felt scared and nervous. However, after two days, I got the courage to start conversing with them, often together my friends. They were very friendly. Looking back, I regret not engaging in conversations with them during the first few days.

 The Japanese students participated in various classes. Some of them attended social studies classes. At the beginning of each class, we had check-in questions. During one such session, a significant number of Japanese students were present. Our teacher posed thought-provoking questions related to Japan. These included: “What comes to mind when you think of Japan?” and “Which places in Vancouver would you recommend?” The responses varied. Some students shared their favorite spots in Vancouver, while others described their impressions of Japan. Overall, many agreed that Japan is well-organized, clean, boasts efficient train systems, and offers delicious cuisine. When the teacher asked me whether these impressions were accurate, I agreed with their ideas.

 I had the opportunity to join a volunteering trip to Vancouver with a group of Japanese students. Our destination was Gastown, a place I had never visited before, so I was excited. During our trip, we explored various attractions, including the Olympic Cauldron and the unique Steam Clock. This Steam Clock is the only one in the world powered by steam. We noticed many people lounging on the ground and vaping. We saw this view from inside the bus, and some of the Japanese students were quite surprised by what they saw. We rode the Flyover, a theater attraction. We also played games and took pictures.

 When we went to North Vancouver, my Japanese friend and I bought ice cream. After we bought it, the staff asked me, “Do you want to work here?” and before I could say “No, I don’t think I can do that.” he asked me, “Where did you come from?” I said, “I came from Surrey.” Then he said, “Oh Surrey is far from here, umm yeah, thank you.” We said goodbye and thank you to him before leaving. That was unexpected, so I was a little bit surprised. I had great time with them.

 Another day, we had language partners. We did calligraphy then. Japanese and Chinese people wrote Chinese characters, Korean people wrote Korean. and other people wrote English words. I really liked it because everyone was writing in their own languages and not only Chinese characters.

 Spring break started on March 14th. I had movie night with my friends. We watched a movie, had a lot of snacks, and ate ice cream. We had a very nice time together. I went to my host family’s grandparents’ house with my host family. We had a party. I met their cousin. We hung out together and had fun. We had a sleepover for four days. We went to a pool together, went for a walk, and played with their dog. We laughed hard and had a great time. I’m still on the spring break, so I hope I’m going to keep having a great and fun time.


 今月も楽しい出来事が沢山ありました。まず2月の最後の週にホストファミリーとRichmondに行きました。みんなで鍋を食べました。そのレストランにはカエルもメニューに載っており、私は見たことがなかったので少し驚きました。見るだけで食べる勇気は出ませんでした。みんなで鍋を食べた後にショッピングをしにモールへ行きました。モールにはstuffy ridersがありました。とても久しぶりに見かけ、ホストシスターと一緒に楽しみました。



 3月の初めに岡山から15名の生徒が2週間Surrey Christian Schoolに来ました。一緒に長期留学をしている3人以外の日本人に久しぶりに会ったので緊張してしまい、始めの2日間は話しかけることが出来ませんでした。いざ話してみるととても楽しく最初から声をかけられなかったことを後悔しました。社会の授業にも一緒に参加しました。毎回授業の始めにchecking questionがあるのですが、日本人が多くいたので今回の質問は日本といって思い浮かべるものは何か、観光したほうがいい場所はどこかでした。多くの人が日本と言えば綺麗で整っていると答えていました。他にも食べ物が美味しい、電車が使いやすいなどの答えがありました。先生がこのイメージが合っているかの確認を一人答えるごとに聞いてきました。私はあっていると思ったので同意しました。

 私は、ボランティアとして岡山から来た生徒たちとVancouver tripに行きました。Gastownというところに行きOlympic Cauldronや蒸気時計を見に行きました。初めて訪れたところでしたが景色もよくとても楽しむことが出来ました。Gastownには沢山の喫煙者やホームレスの方、地面に寝転んでいる方がいました。その景色をバスの中から見ていたのですが衝撃を受けている生徒もいました。歩いていると薬物の匂いがしたので、この匂いが何の匂いかを教えると、初めて知ったとみんな驚いていました。私たちはFlyoverというシアターアトラクションに乗りました。他にもゲームをしたり写真を撮ったりしました。North Vancouverに行った際、アイスクリームを友達と買いました。買った後店員さんに「ここで働かない?」と聞かれました。私が断る前に「どこから来たの?」と聞かれました。「サレーから来ました。」と答えると「ここからは遠いね」と言いさようならの挨拶をかわしました。一瞬の出来事でしたが、気軽に仕事について聞いてくるフレンドリーな雰囲気が良いなと思いました。Vancouver tripはとても楽しかったです。

 ある日、language partnerがありました。今回はみんなで書道をしました。日本と中国の生徒は漢字、韓国の生徒は韓国語、他の生徒たちは英語の単語を書きました。みんながそれぞれの国の言葉を書いていたので、お互いどういう意味なのか、どのように書くのかなどを話し合いました。私も日本語以外の言葉を習って書いてみました。書道を日本語以外で行うことが新鮮でした。

 春休みが3月14日から始まりました。私は友達とmovie nightを行いました。映画を観て、お菓子を食べたりアイスクリームを買いに行ったりして楽しみました。私はおばあちゃんおじいちゃんの家にホストファミリーみんなで訪れました。パーティーも開かれました。私はホストファミリーの従兄弟にも会い、4日間程お泊りをしました。プールに入ったり、犬の散歩に行ったりしました。一緒に沢山笑いとても楽しい時間を過ごしました。まだ春休み中なので素敵な時間をみんなで過ごせたらなと思います。


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