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School Outline

Educational Philosophy

True freedom nurtures the will and strength to grow independently.

Josai has three founding principals; extension of natural aptitude, respect for individuality, and respect for individual ingenuity. This is all enveloped within the philosophy of “ho’on kansha”, or “returning kindness with gratitude”. There is an environment in which students’ talents, academic abilities, and other core parts of education are developed. We consider the relationship of teachers and students as well as that between students when considering class organization. While respecting individuality, we foster the abilities for our students to be contributing members of society during their time at Josai.

Fostering the “ability to get involved” through the accumulation of experience
Education to create human resources who will survive in the world of the future

Our school motto is “ho‘on kansha“, which means to be grateful for everything that surrounds us, the environment, the earth, and nature, and to repay them for their kindness. In order to repay these favors, it is important to lead a happy life. In order to lead a happy life, it is necessary to make unremitting efforts in junior high and high school. Through study, club activity, and school events provided by our school, students will be able to recognize their own self-worth, and to recognize the value of their own existence and that of others. The repetition of these activities will lead to “self-confidence” and “self-affirmation. School is a place of training and discipline where students can develop their character through these activities. The experience, knowledge, and skills gained through such training become one’s own assets. Young people who acquire these assets will feel a great sense of personal growth, will be grateful to those around them, and will try to “repay” them for their kindness. In time, the scope of their attempts to “repay” will expand to the town, the country, and the world in a large circle.

In 2018, our school started a new integrated junior and senior high school education program, “JOSAI Future Global Leader Program” (JFGLP). The JFGLP has steadily produced positive results by fusing in-school and out-of-school learning with hands-on experience to cultivate independence, problem-solving skills, and a global perspective, with the goal of nurturing individuals who will be active in society and in the world in the future. The JFGLP also emphasizes career education that looks beyond the university entrance examination as its goal, and cultivates the ability of each student to approach university entrance examinations with a clear idea of “where and what I want to study for my future self”.

At the same time, our school is committed to not only capturing students’ growth and achievements through the senses, but also data on the effectiveness of education. While adapting to the trends of the times and changes in the world, we will provide support tailored to the growth of each individual student, utilizing the flexibility and quick decision-making ability that only a private school can offer. In order to provide appropriate support, teachers must also be willing to learn. We will continue to challenge new initiatives, remembering that we will learn together with our students and that our faculty members will continue to grow as well. We will continue to focus on education that nurtures goal-oriented, independent individuals while maintaining the liberal education and warm school culture that have taken root in our school and keeping a close eye on trends and fashions. Please look forward to the new initiative at Josai.

Josai University Incorporated Josai Junior and Senior High SchoolMunenori Kamisugi, Principal

Our Educational Approach

Our Educational Approach


  • 1918

    Josaijitsumu School was founded by Nakajima Kumakichi.
    Arai Hirotsugu became the first principal.

  • 1925

    School renamed as Josaigakuen.
    Noguchi Entaro became the second principal.

  • 1927

    School renamed as Jossaigakuen Junior High School.

  • 1938

    Tokura Seiichi became as the 3rd principal.

  • 1941

    Liberal education was maintained under the strict ideological control during the war.

  • 1945

    Yokoshima Tsunesaburo became the 4th principal

  • 1951

    Josaigakuen was founded as an incorporated educational institution.

  • 1953

    Shindo Tomigoro became the 5th principal.

  • 1965

    Josai University was founded.

  • 1970

    Josai Dental College was founded.

  • 1972

    Shindo Nobuo became the 6th principal.

  • 1973

    School renamed as Josai University Josai High School.

  • 1974

    Josai Baseball Club participated in Koshien.

  • 1979

    Josai Baseball Club participated in Koshien (semi- finals).

  • 1991

    Josai Junior High School reopened.

  • 1994

    Josai International University was founded.

  • 1999

    Okamoto Yoshiji became the 7th principal.

  • 2001

    Tokoku Hitoshi became the 8th principal.

  • 2005

    New school building completed.

  • 2007

    Nihon Institute of Medical Science was founded.

  • 2008

    The 90th anniversary of the school’s founding.

  • 2010

    Mashimo Mitsuaki became the 9th principal.

  • 2013

    Kato Terutaka became the 10th principal.

  • 2018

    The 100th anniversary of the school’s founding.

  • 2018

    Saito Sakae was declared the 11th principal.

  • 2022

    Kamisugi Munenori was declared the 12th principal.


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