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アメリカ長期留学 安田さん 3月レポート

現在、アメリカ・オレゴン州のSweet Home High Schoolに長期留学中の安田さん(高1)の3月レポートとなります。今季から新たな部活動にチャレンジし、大変ながらも楽しく充実した活動を行っている様子が伺えます。

「The My Study Abroad Life」
 When I think about how much time I have left to live here, I surprised that I have less than three months left. I cannot say for sure, but compared to the beginning, I feel that I have gotten used to living in the U.S. I am sometimes glad to find myself able to respond to casual conversations in a natural manner. I sometimes feel happy when I find myself able to answer questions in casual conversation. In the U.S., as in Japan, there is a spring break in March. During spring break, I’m going to stay at a friend’s house because my host family is going abroad on a trip. My friend’s family is very friendly, and when I was working in the living room, my friend’s father played a song by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu in the house, which made me excited. Spring break just started today. Therefore, I’m looking forward to having a wonderful time with these people.

 I have been participating in track and field this season. I have already finished two meets and have just had a break. In the track and field club, the events I am participating in are hurdle running and long-distance running. When I was in Japan, I never thought for a moment that I would join the track and field club. However, when I tried it, I realized how much fun it was. In fact, at my first meet, I lost track of when I was supposed to run and had to do the hurdle run without warming up. Because of this, I fell down several times and struggled to finish the run. I thought I had completely messed up, but my coaches, friends, and host family encouraged me, and I was convinced that next time I would be satisfied with my race. In addition, the track team has morning practice on Tuesdays and Fridays, so I had to get up early to go there. Its morning workouts include a little running and mostly strength training. In strength training, we work out with barbells and dumbbells like those found in a gym. When I first started doing the morning workout, lifting dumbbells was all I could do. But now, after overcoming some muscle pain, I am gradually able to lift heavier weights. I feel as if I now understand more about people who go to the gym to work out for the sake of their muscles.

 When you imagine American food, you think of high-calorie items like hamburgers and pizza, and that is true. The free lunch offered at the school includes a choice of pizza, hamburgers, fries, nachos, corndogs, etc. every day. From the contents of these foods, we can see the differences between the U.S. and Japan in terms of dietary habits. In addition, there are some types of pizza that I have never had in Japan. My favorite is the one with white sauce, Canadian bacon, cheese, and lots of garlic on top. The use of white sauce on pizza was new to me, and I was surprised because I had never seen this before in Japan. Despite it being unusual to me, it was very tasty. I also went to McDonald’s and asked my friend what he recommended, and she said the Strawberry Milkshake, so I decided to order it. I thought it would not be much different from McDonald’s in Japan. I was wrong. To my surprise, McDonald’s in the U.S. put whipped cream on top of the shake. Although it was a small difference, I was impressed. I hope that I will be able to notice more minor differences between Japan and the U.S. in my remaining days as an exchange student.







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