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アメリカ長期留学 上野さん 2月レポート

現在、アメリカ・オレゴン州のBlanchet Catholic Schoolに長期留学中の上野さん(高1)の


 This month marks the start of a new semester. As I mentioned in my last month’s report, students now have the opportunity to choose different classes from the previous semester. Personally, I made a few changes: I switched from drama to pottery, government to economics, and geometry to algebra. In my pottery class, I’m just beginning to create tiny bowls. I’m amazed at how I can shape clay into various bowl types, bake them, and then add color. The end result is truly astonishing. As for my other subjects, the difficulty level has increased compared to last semester, but I find it fulfilling.

 The highlight of the month was my sweet sixteen birthday. On that special day, my mother said, “Let’s go out for dinner and have your favorite food.” Without hesitation, I replied, “Let’s go eat ramen!” We enjoyed a meal at a local ramen shop. To my surprise, my mother gave me Taylor Swift merchandise and a heartfelt letter. Even though she isn’t a fan of Taylor Swift, she explained, “I love you so much that I bought these goods for you.” Her gesture made me feel loved and appreciated.

 But the birthday festivities didn’t end there. The next day, my classmates discovered it was my birthday through Instagram and celebrated with me. During our religion class, my teacher and classmates formed a line in front of the classroom. To my embarrassment, they sang the birthday song for me. Despite the blushing at that moment, I felt happier than embarrassed.

 During the weekend following my birthday, I hosted a birthday party for my friends. As an English language learner, I wasn’t sure about the American birthday party style, so I consulted my mother and friends to plan it. The party was lively and filled with joy. We sang karaoke, indulged in cake, and everyone had a great time. However, there was an interesting moment when my friend’s mother asked me, “What are the lyrics to the Japanese birthday song?” I confidently replied, “It’s the same as the English version.” Their surprise was evident—apparently, it’s unusual for Japanese lyrics to be the same with the English ones. It was hard to plan and direct the party, so I was thrilled to see everyone enjoying themselves. Not only did my Japanese family and friends celebrate with me, but also my American friends, my current host family, the Australian family I met during my short-term exchange student program in Australia, and my Taiwanese friend from the international school. Their birthday messages meant a lot to me, and it was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year as a fifteen-year-old, filled with encounters and the kindness of others.

 Additionally, I had the chance to go ice skating. Although I had tried it a few times during kindergarten, I assumed my feet would remember how to glide effortlessly. To my surprise, that wasn’t the case. When I stepped onto the ice rink, I couldn’t maintain my balance without the handrail. Thankfully, my friend encouraged me and advised, “Don’t overthink it—just feel it.” Following her guidance, I managed to skate without assistance, even if not at lightning speed. During that session, I skated for three hours, and now I’m determined to spend an entire day on the ice next year.

 On the club front, our hip-hop class has kicked off rehearsals for the spring recital. This performance holds special meaning for me—it will be my last recital in America before I return home. I’m determined to give it my all and leave a lasting impression. The photo attached captures a fun moment when we created a TikTok video with my teacher and fellow students. As a TikTok newbie, I was pleasantly surprised by how cool the video turned out with the music soundtrack. It’s now in my memory as a delightful experience.

 In addition to dancing, I’ve decided to join the tennis club. When my friend asked, “Will you participate in any sports?” I thought, why not? As a complete beginner, I’m excited to learn and have fun. Unlike intense competition, most American sports clubs prioritize enjoyment and camaraderie. That’s precisely why I’m eager to be part of it.

 This spring, my goal is to make more friends and create awesome memories. The past month has been filled with moments of gratitude, and I want to express my appreciation for everyone who has supported me. As I continue my study abroad journey, I’ll give my best to make the most of my time here in America.











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