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カナダ長期留学 谷本さん 2月レポート

現在、カナダ・ブリティッシュ・コロンビア州のSurrey Christian Schoolに長期留学中の

「New Beginning」
 This month, I started something new and found myself quite busy. In the last week of January, I visited my Japanese friend’s house. We watched a movie called “PET” and baked cookies together. The cookies turned out pretty good! Later, we went to the mall and bought some drinks and sweets.

 On January 30th, we planned a surprise for my Korean friend, who was about to return to Korea. We had been preparing for this surprise for a whole week. When we arrived at her house, one person assembled a chocolate pie tower, while another inflated balloons and lit candles. Seeing her happy expression made me feel glad. Although we called it a surprise, she mentioned that she had a slight idea beforehand, so I’m not sure if it was entirely successful. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun during the preparations. Afterward, we all had dinner together, watched another movie, sang karaoke, and helped her pack her suitcase. As a parting gesture, we exchanged heartfelt letters and small gifts. She did the same for us. We played calming songs while reading the letters, and cried a lot, but the songs had ads, and the ads broke atmosphere, so we laughed. We ended up laughing together. Spending time with her was wonderful, and over these past 5 months, I’ve learned a lot from her. We made a promise to meet again, and I’m looking forward to visiting Korea.

 The second semester began on January 29th, and I’m enrolled in several courses: Bible, Social Studies, Media Design, and Math. Among these, Bible and Social Studies pose challenges for me. Although I didn’t read or study the Bible in Japan, I now find myself reading and debating it in class. Having attended a Catholic kindergarten, I’m familiar with some stories and terms. However, understanding the Bible remains a struggle—sometimes it’s easy, but most of the time, it’s difficult. Despite the challenges, I genuinely enjoy my Bible class. Recently, I had an entirely new experience. During one Bible class, our teacher surprised us by announcing, “We’re going to DOLLARAMA!” So we went, during class hours, to buy snacks and drinks. The teacher seemed to buy the most items. When we returned to school, our regular classes were already over, and I was slightly late for Math class. As I opened the door, my Math teacher exclaimed, “You made it!” and clapped her hands. I was pleasantly surprised by this warm welcome. In Social Studies, we engage in debates and prepare for presentations. Debating is particularly challenging for me. On a lighter note, I have a language partner, and we recently played a Korean traditional game called “Yut Nori,” which resembles a board game. I enjoyed it very much and hope to play again soon.

 Outside of classes, I’ve had some fun experiences. I watched basketball games with a friend after school, observing both grade 9 and grade 10 matches. Additionally, my friend and I attended a musical called “Catching Fire” at school. The musical was both funny and impressive. Although I didn’t understand every part, I believe that mastering all the words would enhance my enjoyment.

 Recently, I celebrated my host sister’s birthday by going to a café with my host family. We had Bingsu and Taiyaki, and it was so good. Later, we had a birthday party for my host sister. Her friends came and everyone had fun. The following day, my host grandparents visited. We had pleasant conversations, and they surprised us with chocolates. It was a heartwarming gesture.However, after the big celebration, both my sisters and I got sick. I had a fever and ended up missing school for just one day. I baked 44 cookies for Valentine’s Day. Everyone said they were good, which made me happy.

 Another day, my friend invited me to join a youth group. It was my first time participating, and it was exciting. We played games, prayed together, talked, and sang songs. The youth group is planning an activity to deliver food to homeless and poor people. I’ve watched videos about such initiatives, and I’ve always wanted to get involved, so I decided to join.

 On other day, I joined the youth group again. This time was movie night. We played games and watched a movie called “Leo”. We had such a nice time. Afterward, my friend’s host mother dropped me off at home. We talked for about an hour in the car, and time seemed to fly by. It felt like ten minutes.

 I also learned about Canada’s “Family Day” holiday, which I didn’t know about before. It’s great to discover new traditions. Looking ahead, I’m going to do more volunteering activities and continue going to the youth group. I think I will have more new encounters. I’m looking forward to it.




 1月29日から二学期が始まりました。私は聖書、社会、数学、メディアデザインのクラスをとっています。特に聖書と社会はとても難しいです。私は聖書を読み学ぶ機会がなかったため、理解するのが少し大変です。クラスでは聖書を読んだり話し合いをして自分の意見と相手の意見を比較したり、ポスターを作るなどしています。私の通っていた保育園がカトリックだった為いくつかの言葉やストーリーは知っているのですが、まだまだ私の知らないストーリーなどがあるので関心を持ちました。理解するのに少し時間はかかりますが、聖書のクラスは楽しいです。私はこの間新鮮な体験をしました。ある日の聖書の授業中、先生が突然「今からみんなでDOLLARAMAに行こう」と言いました。突然のことで驚きましたがみんなで楽しくお菓子や飲み物を買いに行きました。誰よりも先生が両手いっぱいにお菓子などを抱えていました。学校に戻った頃には既に授業は終わっており、次の授業が始まっていました。次のクラスは数学でした。ドアを開けた瞬間拍手と同時に先生が「お!来たー!」と言ってくれました。社会の授業ではプレゼンテーションの準備や話し合いを沢山行っています。あるトピックについて話し合いをすることが難しいと感じています。この間久しぶりにlanguage partnerがありました。今回私たちはユンノリというゲームをしました。ユンノリとは韓国の伝統的なゲームです。前からこのゲームをしたいと思っていたので、今回遊ぶことが出来て嬉しかったです。楽しかったのでまたやりたいと思いました。



 ある日友達が「youthに来ない?」と誘ってくれたので参加しました。youthには初めて参加したのですが楽しかったです。話をしたり、体験談を聞いたり、ゲームをしたりしました。2月の終わり頃には食べる物をホームレスの方たちに配るという活動が行われます。私はこの活動にかなり前から関心を持っていたので参加したいと思っています。他の日にもう一度youthに参加しました。今回はmovie nightでした。みんなパジャマを着て集まり、家族で様々なゲームに参加し勝った人には景品がありました。最後には「レオ」という映画を観ました。とても楽しい時間を過ごしました。帰りは友達のホストマザーが家まで送ってくれたのですが、家に到着してからも車のなかで1時間ほど話をしました。とても沢山のことを話し、1時間が10分のように感じました。ボランティア活動やyouthに参加することで新しい出会いがあるかもしれないので楽しみです。


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