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アメリカ長期留学 安田さん 12月レポート

現在、アメリカ・オレゴン州のSweet Home High Schoolに長期留学中の安田さん(高1)の

「American Christmas」

 It is December, the month of Christmas. It is also the season when my basketball team starts to get serious about its activities. When the basketball team had its first game, it was the first game of the year, but we lost the first and second games to other schools. The frustration we gained from those losses and the strategies we used helped our team to win four games in a row in the following games. Sometimes during basketball practice, I have difficulty following explanations in English. However, at such times, I am not afraid to ask questions. Also, my friends and coaches are very helpful in explaining things to me and giving me advice until I understand. At club camp, after playing basketball, we had a pizza party and I stayed at a hotel in the next town with my teammates. I felt that as practice and games continued, friendships deepened within the club, and I wondered if this was also a secret to making our basketball team stronger. As we spend more and more time together at practices and games, friendships develop within the club, and I thought that was also a secret to improving my own basketball game. Since club activities change with the seasons at this school, I would like to continue to enjoy basketball with my teammates in the future, even if it is only for this season.

 When I think of Christmas in the U.S., I imagine a fancy Christmas like the ones in the Home Alone and Edward Scissorhands movies, and that is exactly what we had. We decorated our house with a big Christmas tree with colorful ornaments and ribbons, big red socks hung near the fireplace, and my family decorated the whole house in Christmas style. Even in town, it was very exciting just to see the illuminated decorations in various houses, churches, and schools. I enjoyed the Christmas events at school where we were told to dress up in different Christmas-themed outfits for each day of the week. Students wore either red or green, and the color with the most people wearing it won. It was wonderful to see the students actively participating and enjoying themselves to the fullest. When I talked about Christmas dinner with my host family, they were surprised when I told them that in Japan, Kentucky Fried Chicken and Christmas cake are famous at Christmas. In the U.S., Kentucky Fried Chicken and other chain restaurants such as McDonald’s and Subway are closed on Christmas Day, People often eat pies and other desserts without the concept of Christmas cake. Furthermore, in Japan, Christmas is generally spent with lovers or friends, but in the U.S., it seems that it is always spent with family. It was interesting to see differences in how the two countries celebrate Christmas.

 My birthday is in December, so I had a birthday party with my friends. It is common practice in the U.S. to invite friends to a birthday party by making invitations, and my friends told me they would prepare for it. My host family sister helped in many ways, such as shopping for groceries. On the day of the party, I was happy to spend quality time with the friends I invited, making okonomiyaki, playing card games, and talking with them. Also, my family in Japan sent Japanese candy and food to the US along with my birthday present. When I shared the candy I had received with my friends, they all reacted with curiosity, and I am glad that my friends were happy to receive them. Receiving birthday presents from my friends, host family, and my family made me realize once again how much I am supported by the people around me. From this experience, I decided to continue to be grateful to those around me and to spend my study abroad experience full of energy. 






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