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アメリカ長期留学 上野さん 10月レポート

現在、アメリカ・オレゴン州のBlanchet Catholic Schoolに

「October is full of events!」

 October was full of exciting events. First, I will write about September 27th when students from Shukutokuyono High School visited my school. During lunchtime, I spoke with them about their school trip. They gave a presentation about Japanese culture and showed us Japanese dance. During the presentation, they talked about karaoke, which made me want to try it out.

 Next, my school had an event called Homecoming Week from October 2nd to 6th. Each day had a different theme, and students wore clothing that matched the theme. Pajama Day was especially exciting, where students and teachers wore pajamas to school. The atmosphere was relaxed and carefree. On October 6th, we had the Homecoming Game Day, where our school’s football team played before the actual Homecoming Day. Students cheered for their team, and we could paint our faces and buy popcorn. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of unity, and I felt closer to my friends. Our team won, so I was glad.

 Additionally, on October 7th, we had the Homecoming Dance Party. I was excited to attend this dance party because I had only heard of prom before. After a couple of days, I bought a blue dress and accessories to match. I went to a restaurant with my friends, and then we went to the dance hall. The place was gorgeous, and it looked like something out of a movie. We complimented each other on our dresses and hugged. Helly taught me some dance steps, and we danced together. From the middle of the event, everyone formed a circle, and those who wanted to dance stood in the center of the circle and danced. When everyone encouraged me to go out, everyone danced a simple dance, but I danced in a hip-hop style by myself because I didn’t know how to dance American style. I was dancing with a pretty good groove, and many people said to me, ‘Your dancing is great!’ When I got back home and watched Instagram, I received many follow-up requests. Furthermore, when I went to school on Mondays, I was approached by many people, and I became friends with students in the band club that I had never talked to before. Homecoming brought me closer to many people. I thought dance is common in the world.

 Not only did I attend events, but I also hung out with my friends this month. On October 15th, I went to the Woodburn Outlet with Alexia, an international student from Argentina, and Chiharu, another Japanese student. We ate cotton candy, went to the Disney outlet, and ate sandwiches at Subway. This day was really fulfilling, so I was glad I had the courage to invite them to hang out. Furthermore, on October 22nd, I went to Uwajimaya in Portland with Haley, my friend. This store sells Japanese general goods. I could buy my favorite manga and eat ramen for the first time in a long time there. We found that we both love Taylor Swift. So, on the way home, we sang songs by Taylor Swift. We promised to see a Taylor Swift movie in November, so I’m looking forward to it.

 I wrote only about the events and the places I went to hang out with my friends, but on the study side, this month in English class, we had an assignment to write a report on bizarre phenomena. So, I wrote a report on UFOs and aliens. I spent a lot of time because I had to cite a lot of information from online articles. But in the end, I was able to write a great report. We hope to continue our efforts next month.









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