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アメリカ長期留学 安田さん 10月レポート

現在、アメリカ・オレゴン州のSweet Home High Schoolに


 In October, the season here changes from summer to fall. Some houses start to decorate for Halloween, which makes me excited. In Japan, we do not decorate each house for Halloween as much. I think it is a good American culture. American schools have events for Halloween. I wondered if different countries had different popular events. In Japan, people used to gather in Shibuya in costumes for what was known as “Shibuya Halloween.” When I asked a friend of mine, I learned that the culture of costumes is also common in America, where people dress up in costumes and go to school on that day. When we go to our school’s football or volleyball games after school, each game has a dress code, so we dress up according to that dress code and cheer for our team. Each dress code theme is unique, such as Barbie doll themes, pajama themes, or the school’s signature color theme. Everyone at the school has fun dressing up according to the theme, which encourages cheering during the games. Even in America, I felt that clothing plays an important role in enjoying an event.

 It was my first time attending a homecoming party in America. I had never thought of wearing a dress to a party at school in Japan, so I was very curious to see what it was like. During the week of the homecoming party, everyone at school was looking forward to the party and had fun asking each other what kind of dress they would wear. I went shopping for a dress for the homecoming party with my friends. We seriously helped each other decide on a dress, going around the shops in the mall and back again. Once everyone was able to purchase dresses that they were happy with, we had fun looking for Halloween goods at the mall and going to restaurants. When the homecoming party arrived, everyone at school was dressed up in dresses and looked very gorgeous. The chairs and desks in the school cafeteria, which I always use, had been moved away, music was playing loudly, and everyone was dancing and talking as they liked. I also got into the music and had a great time with my friends. I never knew it could be so much fun to prepare a little in advance for a party and enjoyed it. I really wish that this kind of culture could be created in Japan as well. I felt so happy that I was able to quickly become acquainted with people I had never talked to before just by dancing with them.

 At Sweet Home High School, there are club activities that can be held each season, and students can choose from among the sports that match each season and join that club activity. I participated in a competitive club activity called cross country from summer to fall. When I first heard the word cross country, I thought it was something like skiing. I had never heard of cross country before. However, when I participated in club activities, it was so different. The competition does not involve snow, but takes place on grass or in the woods. I thought I would be sliding down the slopes like skiing, but instead, we were running across the ground with our own feet. Cross country is a sport in which I compete for the best time by running on a course with many ups and downs, such as forests, fields, and hills, without using a track. I’m not good at running, and I hate it. To be honest, when I first participated in club practice, my legs were screaming. I had never experienced long-distance running before, and as I ran, I found myself getting further away from my teammates and couldn’t catch up. Also, during the first term, my legs hurt every time I finished practicing. However, no matter how tired I was, I was surprised and happy that I succeeded in finishing the run. It gave me the will to run again. Also, as I practiced more, the distance I was able to run increased, and I even started to enjoy running. My teammates and I encourage each other after tournaments, and we have a really fulfilling time together. I am going to join the ski club next winter season. I have never skied before, so I am a little nervous, but I do not want to be discouraged from trying it out. Since I came to America, I have had many experiences in addition to learning the language. I want to improve my English skills and my character.






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