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アメリカ長期留学 安田さん 9月レポート

安田さんは8月末に日本を出発、城西高校の姉妹校Sweet Home High Schoolに留学中です。


「New Lifestyle and New Encounter」

 About three weeks have passed since I started my study abroad life. Whether it was boarding a plane alone or jumping into a circle of people with whom I don’t share the same language, I was able to experience new things and feel fresh in just these three weeks. My family, my friends, and my teachers came to see me off at the Japanese airport, which gave me a lot of encouragement. I decided that I would be able to speak English before returning to Japan. When I was changing flights from Seattle to Portland at an American airport, I didn’t know where to board my flight, so I panicked and asked the airport staff for help in broken English, and they even kindly wrote me a note. They showed me around. Also, when I told them that I was coming to study abroad when checking my visa at the airport, they supported me and made me want to work harder.

 During my first week in America, I went camping with my host family. At camp, we hiked and biked in the Oregon forest. I had never been camping before, so it was a great experience. When I was having dinner with my host family while camping, we talked about American slang, and I learned about the usage and meaning of slang that I had been curious about but didn’t know before. I tried to use it. In American schools, I learned that it is important to speak to other people yourself rather than waiting to be invited to join or participate in conversations. I decided to keep this in mind when going to school. Also, my host family’s friend’s family came to camp, and I became friends with Addie, a girl of the same age. We played soccer together and introduced each other about our countries and ourselves. In America, teenagers keep in touch through an app called Snapchat. Also, when I gave my host family some Japanese souvenirs, they ate a Japanese gummy called Kororo and said it had an interesting texture, so I was glad I brought it. I also gave them a rice bowl and powdered miso soup, and they cooked rice for me so we could eat dinner using chopsticks. I was happy to see that they tried their best to use chopsticks.

 When school started, it was full of surprises. First, there was no uniform at this school, so everyone came to school wearing clothes and hairstyles they wanted. I also felt happy when people I passed at school complimented me on my clothes or ran up to me and asked me about my Instagram. I was overwhelmed by the friendly atmosphere of people living in America. What’s more, I almost always held the door open for the next person came, which gave me a first-hand experience of a culture completely different from Japan.

 At Sweet Home High School, the content, structure, and attitude of taking classes were completely different from those at Japanese schools. Students take the same schedule every day from Monday to Friday, and there is no homeroom teacher, so they take the classes they want. Also, unlike in Japan, there was a lot of freedom in class, and once the assigned tasks were completed, each student could spend the class studying on their own or doing whatever they liked.There are still a lot of things I’m not used to since coming to America, and I sometimes feel anxious and worried. However, I’ve made friends who support me, so I want to try speaking English more fluently. Additionally, I want to learn more about American cultures.










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