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アメリカ長期留学 安田さん 11月レポート

現在、アメリカ・オレゴン州のSweet Home High Schoolに

「Language and culture」

 It has been three months since I came to study abroad in America. During this time, I have mainly used English. I am gradually becoming used to living in an English-only environment, though there are still times when I have difficulties. While one-on-one conversations are manageable, I sometimes struggle to understand or simply agree during group discussions. However, my friends are very friendly when they talk to me. I can now use slang commonly used by locals and phrases I’ve recently learned. I realize that my English skills are improving because I usually try to engage in conversations, ask about things I don’t understand, and attempt to imitate the phrases my friends use. As everyone around me speaks English, I naturally want to learn it as well. I feel that this desire will help me grow not only in my language skills but also personally.

 I joined a basketball club in November. In the club, I enjoy practicing and communicating with my friends, who support me. Fortunately, some of my friends were also members of the basketball club, which made me very happy. Some of them are good at making three-point shots and often share their shooting techniques before practice. My teammates are all very kind, and I am glad that I joined the club. Although the basketball club has just started, I am eager to work hard and develop bonds with my teammates. Additionally, I love basketball, which makes it even more enjoyable for me.

 One thing I noticed while living in America is that the excitement for Christmas is very strong. As November begins, everyone at school starts singing Christmas songs, and illuminations around town begin to shine. During our conversations, everyone talks about Christmas. Many people in Japan and America love Christmas. In November, the temperature here became so cold that I needed a jacket. However, when I looked around me, I was surprised because some locals were wearing sleeveless clothes or short sleeves. In Japan, many people change their clothes according to the season or month. In America, however, people choose to wear whatever they want. Since it was November, I wore a new thick sweater, but I was shocked and intrigued to see that everyone around me was still wearing short sleeves. I was excited because I thought I would continue to encounter American lifestyle habits that I still didn’t know about.

 One weekend, my host family and I traveled to a city with the largest lake in Oregon state. For lunch, we bought sandwiches from Subway, which is also available in Japan. However, ordering a sandwich was an impossible task for me as I had never been to a Subway in Japan. When I was researching life in America, I heard rumors that it was very difficult to order a Subway sandwich, so I was a little scared of Subway in America. First, the staff asked me what kind of bread I wanted for the sandwich, but the staff spoke faster than lightning, and I didn’t know the names of the different types of bread, so I couldn’t tell what kind of bread they were. I asked for a regular type of bread, but it seemed like they weren’t communicating well, so I had to ask the same question three times. When I was confused, my host mother helped me. Finally, I was able to order a sandwich. Someday, I would like to be able to order a Subway sandwich with pride.

 Also, during this trip, we went ice skating. It was my first time. I had seen skaters gliding effortlessly across the ice, so I naively thought that it would be nice to skate like that. The reality was not so easy. I had no idea that ice skating was so difficult. When I finally entered the skating rink, I felt despair. I was disappointed, thinking that I wouldn’t even be able to stand on the ice. My host sister, Isabelle, patiently taught me tips for skating well, and I was able to learn the tricks little by little and laugh a lot as I fell dramatically. I’ve been able to do a lot of things in America that I couldn’t do in Japan, so I want to live my life while being grateful to the people around me.








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