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アメリカ長期留学 上野さん 11月レポート

現在、アメリカ・オレゴン州のBlanchet Catholic Schoolに


 It has been almost three months since I arrived at Blanchet. I thought that if I was on the medium-term study abroad program, I would be returning to Japan at this time. However, something new happens every day, and I’m still discovering a lot about Blanchet.

 I belong to three clubs and take one lesson. The first club is the outdoor club, which is an off-campus activity that includes hiking, skiing, and other activities. At the end of last month, we went hiking on a mountain called Lincoln City. The mountain has a very steep slope, and we climbed for an hour. I was exhausted, but the view from the top was beautiful, and I felt that the sea was wide. The second club is the Hose club, which volunteers for blood drives and medical events. This month, we are gathering guests for a blood drive at the end of the month. Additionally, I will be presenting on a current health issue at a medical event in May, which will gather all of America Hose members. I’m anxious because it’s a big event, but I will do my best. The third club is the band club, and I play the drums. We are practicing Christmas songs, which have a slow and calm atmosphere. The use of sticks is a little different than before, and it is difficult to get a good sound because the way the sticks are struck is different from normal. Furthermore, I have a solo part, so I will do my best. I also take a hip-hop lesson, and we have a dance recital in mid-December. We are practicing for it, and I have a good position next to the center. The dance teacher gave me this position, so I must give a good performance in the recital.

 On the event side, there was a big fall event for Halloween. When I went to school, the students were in costume. I dressed up as Alice in Wonderland. A few teachers were also in costume, so I thought that the scale of Halloween in the US is different from that in Japan. Some students were dressed up as Japanese anime characters, which surprised me and showed the influence of Japanese anime. After that, every student participated in a bingo event. I didn’t win, but I had fun. If I had won, I would have received a fabulous treat, so I was disappointed. After school, I joined the Church’s “trick or treat” event. It was a different version from the usual one. Church members parked their cars in the church parking lot, opened their decorated trunks, and gave treats to children. When we finished circling all the cars, my bag of snacks was full. I had never eaten those snacks before. When I came home, I ate a few snacks, but I prefer Japanese snacks to American snacks. Furthermore, the day before Halloween, I made pumpkin cookies and marshmallows to deliver on Halloween. After I made them, my sister and friends tried them and liked them. At night, we watched “A Quiet Place,” a horror movie, with the family. I watch dramas with my sister and mother every day, but it’s rare to watch something with my father, who is busy with work, so I’m glad we could watch it together. This film has brought us even closer together as a family.

 Also, we celebrated my host mother’s birthday this month at a sushi restaurant. We had a good time with my mother, and I gave her a letter and a massage gun as a birthday present. She loved it so much.

 On the academic side, we had an assignment to watch the horror episode “Blink” of the drama “Doctor Who” during English class and write our impressions. I hate horror movies and dramas, so I watched it with my friend Haley, and we would sometimes hug each other while watching it. Although it was scarier than I had imagined, it is a good memory that brought me closer to Haley.In addition, in chemistry class, we conducted an experiment where we burned metal and observed the reaction. I was puzzled because it was hard to ignite, but the flame that changed colors captured my heart. The American Government test was pretty difficult, but every time I finish one of the tests, I read the textbook and learn new words, which I enjoy.

 All in all, this month I was able to grow. Compared to September, I felt that my vocabulary had increased when I talked to my friends. Recently, my friend Alexia from Argentina has been teaching me Spanish. Although I started learning it out of interest, each time I learn a new word, I want to know more. Next month, I will be participating in a dance recital and other opportunities to showcase what I have been working on this month. Therefore, I will continue to do my best to be proactive.






 勉強面では,英語の時間に、「Doctor who」というドラマの「Blink」というホラー回を見て、感想を書く課題がありました。私は、ホラーが得意ではないため、友達のヘリーとたまに抱き合いながら見ました。想像以上に怖かったものの、ヘリーとの仲が深まったのはいい思い出です。さらに化学の時間に、10種類の金属を炎で燃やし、その反応を見るという実験を行いました。なかなか火がつかず戸惑いましたが、様々な色に変色していく炎には、心を奪われました。アメリカ政治は、テストがかなり難しいです。しかし、テストがひとつ終わる度に、教科書を読むと、自分の分かる単語が増えて行き、授業を受けるのが楽しいです。



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